Gospel of the Kingdom: The Secret to Breaking Your Deep-Rooted Stronghold

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The gospel of Jesus Christ is not the gospel only unto salvation, but the gospel of the kingdom. We need to get hold of the truth, or you will become a prisoner of your own imagination, shutting down the kingdom.

A spiritual man knows everything that the Spirit reveals to him. His mind has been changed, renewed by revelation. He lives from revelation to revelation, and by faith, and that is what justifies him.

People with worldly mindsets always miss the heart of the Father in the matter. People go to hell because Satan shaped their mindsets. Their strongholds became their destruction. God turns Christians over to a reprobate mind when they resist the truth and don't allow themselves to change, saying things like, "I am never going to trust anybody again!" But breaking mindsets causes you to say, "God, I will trust whom You trust."

People with strongholds keep trying to find shortcuts, but there are none. They have to lay down everything, and bring everything under submission to the truth. They don't even trust the Holy Spirit. Their hearts become hard, and they call themselves wise, but God sends them the foolish things and people to confound them, foolish to the world but wise to God. His ways are higher than man's ways.

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People do not like to retain God in their knowledge. They want the cross for Jesus, but they don't want it for themselves. "I am not picking it up," they say when they reject the truth. They hold onto anything that exalts itself above the Word of God, which is truth. This is false grace: They receive Jesus' cross but never pick up their own.

A not renewed mind and a reprobate mind—that is what they have. Because of our renewed minds, there is no old man anymore. You can try to have self-control in the flesh, but self-control comes from the fruits of the Spirit! See ... religion wants do everything by the flesh. Paul said we might as well go back to the law.

Paul was saying to the Corinthian church, "You are living with a carnal mind. You have to have it renewed!" Their minds were exalting themselves above the mind of Christ. The Word of God is the mind of Christ.

By the Spirit and by His power, our minds are being renewed, if we let them. The grace of God is changing us. God is saying, "Let it go," and "Let this mind be in you." You are so strong; you are your own strongman, your own worst enemy! God resists the strong. He gives grace to the weak.

Some people have even set their minds about how they hear God. There was a season when God was using dreams to talk to them, but now God is using brothers and sisters. Their mindsets don't let them understand the mind of Christ. His ways are not our ways, but that stronghold will keep us bound by our ways. Your mind becomes stuck. Your conscience becomes seared.

Every time God reveals Himself to us, we are getting more freedom. Put on the mind of Christ. To think on things above (The Word), you need to be under it (submission). The devil will only flee if you are not double-minded. The only way to defeat the devil is by submitting to God and His Word.

If you have strongholds holding you back, it means you have pride, because you won't let go. Get it right now. Some people go to the throne of grace with pride, but not boldly. You will get no grace in that case. He only gives grace to the humble. There will be no transformation when there is no renewing of the mind. Nothing will happen. The only way for Him to do anything in your life is by submission. He is not a tyrant King. He gives us a choice.

His thoughts are sober. Let your thoughts be sober also. Remember: Stephen said, "You stiff-necked people, uncircumcised in heart and ears! You always resist the Holy Spirit" (Acts 7:51a). We must submit to God, to the body and to the Word.

Sanctification happens by the washing of the water of the Word. You, as His bride, submit yourself to Him, as your bridegroom (as The Word). Let every thought that does not line up to the Word be cast down, casting down imaginations and every thought, emotion, every teaching or tradition that exalts itself. Your mind is renewed by submission.

For this cause, we should leave the mind of this world, of carnality, and join to the mind of Christ, your mind becoming one with the mind of Christ. Leave mindsets and strongholds that are always exalting themselves. We need to be brainwashed by the washing of the water of His Word. The breaking of the strongholds is done by the hammer of the Word of God. This is why it is a constant thing. Jesus is saying, "Let these sayings sink down into your ears."

Resist everything, put it in prison, everything that is trying to go above His ways and Words. Let His Words sink down in you, and let it be flesh in you. You can get the right mind faster if you humble yourself under His mighty hand, and His Word will lift you up.

God is not coming back for division or reprobate minds, but for people under one Spirit, one Word, with one mind. People get so angry at the truth, but those people never change. Let this not be you. Let the hammer knock down everything that exalts itself above God. At the end, what needs to prevail is One mind, and it has to be the mind of Christ, and no other.

Shane W. Roessiger is founder of H.O.T. HOUSE OF TRUTH and author of Smashing Deception in the House of God, Roots of Religion, and Awakening the Giants. As a voice crying out in the USA and the nations, he is preparing the bride for the bridegroom, Jesus, and preaching the undefiled Gospel of truth. For more truth, visit hothouseoftruth.com.

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