It's Time to Break the Silence on This Top-Secret Addiction


There is a strong need in the church for deliverance from pornography. I believe that pornography among Christians is one of the most well-kept secret sins that is being committed in the church today.

Pornography leads to a sensual lifestyle of the heart that eventually will manifest itself in the physical. The enemy uses this well-kept secret to keep you in a lifetime of bondage. It's time to break the silence of this top-secret addiction and bring to light the pain and struggle of pornography among Christian men and women in the church.

In Episode 13 on my podcast One Voice Makes a Difference, Katelyn tells her story of how God delivered her from pornography and how it all began.

She was introduced to porn through sensual love stories that captivated her attention and curiosity about sex at the young age of 9. She began to explore the topic and search online. As she surfed the internet on information about sex, she found herself on several porn sites. The enemy anchored her soul with images that opened doors to demonic activity in her life. She was so addicted that she would spend several hours a day looking at porn.

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She always felt like it was wrong but could never escape it. After someone invited her to The Ramp with Karen Wheaton, she was radically saved, and she began to learn who she was in Christ Jesus. She turned from sexual immorality and porn to a righteous lifestyle.

Katelyn was on the team "Chosen" with Karen Wheaton of The Ramp. As God was transforming her life, He was preparing her for His call upon her life. The Holy Spirit started speaking to her about surrendering all her dreams to His dreams.

She was taught the lifestyle of a minister by Wheaton who poured into her life. Finding a group of young people who wanted to live the same lifestyle she wanted to live kept her from falling back into the old lifestyle of pornography. She had accountability. When she felt the urge to go back and look at sensual movies or pictures, she would just tell someone else.

She broke the silence and brought the addiction to light, and the Lord Jesus radically transformed her life and delivered her! She learned how to pray and hear from God. She learned how to apply the Word of God to her personal life. Wheaton started using her to preach, which was a complete surprise to her. So, God promoted her to ministry team.

Now, Katelyn is telling this generation of how good God is and how powerful His Spirit is to deliver you from sin. In Episode 13, she talks about being separated from the world and being empowered by the Holy Spirit to live a clean, righteous life before the Lord. Katelyn is passionate about seeing people saved, healed and delivered. God will use all your setbacks for a set up.

Did you know that God has a setup for you? God has a plan for your life.

Katelyn says this generation is powerful. God wants to use them for His glory. He is looking upon the hearts of this generation right now to do something so radical that He will take a drug or porn addict and make them a preacher. Take a listen at One Voice Makes A Difference to hear Katelyn's story.

Katelyn says, "God can raise up a perverted generation and make them the purest generation ever. God is doing a new thing in the hearts of this generation. Get ready for God to use you to bring a lost generation back home. This will be the most loving generation in Jesus' name."

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