Deliverance Minister: 7 Steps to Freedom Against Mind Battles


The battle is in the mind. The enemy targets our thoughts. Vain imaginations and false scenarios run rampant through our heads.

How do we control something that occupies our mind causing trauma and torment? We are attacked with mind-binding spirits, mental anguish, stress, worry, rejection, fear, offense, insecurity, unworthiness and intimidation which can all be labeled as trauma and torment.

The battle is in the mind, but it doesn't have to be. Jesus gave us authority over all things, and that includes our minds. I speak from a place of experience, unfortunately, as I was bound to fear for years. Even after I was delivered of the demonic spirits of fear, I had to overcome my thought patterns, which trained me to react in fear even though I was walking in faith.

I remember the Lord speaking to me as I was proofreading my latest book, Prophetic Spiritual Warfare. He said, "Kathy, why are you trying to get free from something I already delivered you from?"

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In my latest book, I expose the enemy and teach you how to conquer spiritual warfare while training in the area of deliverance. I needed to apply what I was editing. I needed to know it wasn't a demonic entity I was fighting any longer, but my flesh. How do you sometimes know the difference?

I explain that in my book also, but allow me to walk you through some instant steps to freedom right now from mind strongholds.

Apply these practical applications to your life and win the war in your mind!

1. You have a choice. No one can control your thoughts; you do. Therefore, no matter how difficult it is, try and pull your thoughts away from a negative direction of thinking.

2. Not everything is demonic. Take responsibility for what you can control. Don't blame everything on a spiritual warfare attack.

3. No one can tell you what to think. You have authority over all things, including your mind and thoughts. Be disciplined and redirect your thoughts as needed.

4. Break agreement with negative thinking in the natural and demonic strongholds in the spiritual realm. Speak audibly and say, "I break agreement with demonic strongholds in my mind." By speaking this aloud, you are taking authority over the spiritual realm and telling evil spirits to back off.

5. Repent. Repent for stinking thinking! Ask Jesus to forgive you for not trusting Him and the Word of God in your life. Repent for unproductive and unfruitful thoughts, doubt and unbelief.

6. Take every thought captive (2 Cor. 10:3-5). If it doesn't align with the Word of God, dismiss it instead of entertaining it.

7. Fill up with the Word of God. When I was in bondage, the Spirit of the Lord told me, "Kathy, if your mind is stuffed and crammed full of Scripture, there will be no room for the enemy."

Friends, strongmen evil spirits will attack us, but strongholds are in the mind, and we have control over what we allow to permeate our thoughts. Get up! Get active! Rebuke negativity! Take control of your thoughts before they take control of you.

This week on my podcast, Prophetic Spiritual Warfare, I am doing a series on freedom from battles of the mind. I encourage you to listen to episodes 264-266 and receive some empowerment and liberation!

Kathy DeGraw is a prophetic deliverance minister. She is the founder of Kathy DeGraw Ministries and K Advancement LLC. Kathy hosts a podcast show called Prophetic Spiritual Warfare. She is the author of several books; Prophetic Spiritual Warfare, Speak Out, Discerning and Destroying the Works of Satan, and Unshackled. She is empowering people and setting the captives free through her many e-courses at You can connect with Kathy on Facebook at or visit

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