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Finding Courage by Tapping the Mind of God

Mike Rakes deconstructs the negative thoughts and attitudes that infiltrate our minds and reveals how our thoughts strengthen or undermine the courage and confidence of our hearts.


Why We Need Warring Angels

In the early church, as seen in the book of Acts, angelic activity was so commonplace it was almost taken for granted. Today, we need warring angels more than ever.

The false grace message is a dangerous and slippery slope.

5 Marks of the False Grace Message

In the last of a four-part series from prophetic messenger and revivalist John Burton, the question of "are we believing in a theology of exemption" arises in these end times.

Words can heal

Power of the Tongue: Words Can Bring Death or Life

With our simple gift of speech, we have the ability to manipulate our own well-being and that of others. Here's why we should pray and ask the Holy Spirit daily to keep on a guard on our mouths.

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