9 Myths About Satan Exposed

So many beliefs about Satan cannot be proven by Scripture. Just because they are generally accepted, it doesn't mean they are biblical and right.

Is Satan's skin red? Does he have a tail, batwings, a goat face and hairy legs? Does he reign in hell? Can he torment you daily?

Many questions need to be answered. Once you see the truth, it may shock you, and it may completely change your way of looking at this archenemy of the human race.

The following, though traditional ideas, are definitely myths and definitely wrong. Some of them might be true, but they cannot be proven.

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First, let me define the meaning of the word "myth": A myth is a legendary story or idea that is not based on facts. Many times they convey unproven or false beliefs often used to justify certain behaviors, rituals, traditions or purposes.

Myth No. 1: Satan talks to you and tempts you daily.

This cannot be true. There are over two billion professing Christians in the world. For Satan to be personally present with each believer to torment him or her daily, he would have to be omnipresent (present in over two billion places simultaneously) and omniscient (holding over two billion conversations at once). This is absolutely impossible! Those are attributes that only belong to God. Believers who hold daily conversations with the devil are probably self-deceived. They may be buffeted by some of his demonic underlings without confronting Satan himself. That can only happen rarely—and may not happen at all—during an entire lifespan.

Myth No. 2: Satan and his subordinate demons cannot read your mind.

Thoughts are just as real and loud in the spirit world as spoken words are in the natural world. I've often heard Christians say things like, "Don't tell what you're going to do out loud. Then the devil will know about it and begin to work against it." Think about how foolish that is. If satanic powers could not read your thoughts, they would always be making ridiculous errors in their attempts to lure you into evil.

You could be looking into the window of a jewelry store but thinking about a bowl of banana pudding in the fridge back home. As your gaze falls on a beautiful diamond bracelet (but your mind is still slurping up that creamy dessert), the demon might suddenly say, "You could steal that." A confused look would spread across your face as you shake your head and say, "Steal my own bowl of banana pudding? That's crazy." Your whole day would be filled with disjointed thoughts and temptations. Besides, a great majority of the negative thoughts we attribute to demons are probably streaming from our own lower nature.

Does that bother me? Absolutely not! Because I have learned to fill my mind with the Word of God.

These are just two of the nine myths surrounding the nature, the status and the activities of Satan. By the time you listen to this week's podcast episode of Revealing the True Light with Mike Shreve on Charisma Podcast Network and next week's conclusion, you will be shaking your head saying, "How could anyone ever believe such things?"

Mike Shreve has been involved in evangelism (outreach to the world and ministry to the church) since 1971. His passion is to offer a faith-filled, grace-founded, Jesus-focused, power-imparting presentation of the Gospel. The motto of the ministry concisely communicates his mission statement: "speaking the truth in love" (Eph. 4:15).

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