A New Year and a New Wind from Heaven


As we marched into the Hebrew new year of 5782, it's critical we have clear vision for what God is doing in this season if we want to see His strategy for the victory. What God showed me in His Word and in a dream may have that battle plan for victory in this movement.

Over the last few years, the Lord spoke to me concerning the seasons. He told me that our nation was in a spirit of slumber and my assignment was to help awaken the church. For several years, we have traveled nationally and internationally doing Awaken conference revivals. We have stirred the church to revival on several continents.

When I asked the Lord what 2021 was going to look like, He told me it was time to march forward; we were no longer preparing for or waiting on the third Great Awakening but we were moving into it. It was time to see, and see we have! At my church, we have stopped talking about it coming and are drenched shoulder-deep in it.

When I sought the Lord for the coming Hebrew new year, God clearly spoke to me and told me to look up the Jewish word for 5782 in Strong's Concordance. That word is "ur," which means to rouse oneself, awake. Wow, sounds like the season of slumbering is coming swiftly to an end and instead of trying to awaken, it may be time to get moving. What's fascinating is that "ur" is the root word for awake, which means this is not a past tense or future tense word; it is a NOW word!
On August 8th, 2021, I had a strange encounter with the Lord that may reveal what's blowing in from heaven. As I slept peacefully in the hotel room queen bed, in preparation for ministry the next day in Orange County, California, I had an all-too-frequent phenomenon happen to me. The Lord came to me in my sleep and gave me a revelation. This happens often for me and I usually wake in the morning knowing I had a powerful encounter but am unable to remember what happened; it is usually a haze and veiled from me. The experience leaves something in my spirit but my mind is left out of this intimate coupling between my spirit and Jesus; but this time something different happened.
I was sharing a room with my evangelist, Collin Birchmier. For some unknown reason, he was shaken awake in the wee hours of the morning. As he suddenly found himself wide awake, he sensed something was going on. He laid there a few minutes in silence and then it happened. I began to talk in my sleep. "I see it on paper; a wind is coming!" I proclaimed in my sleep! Then I began to worship Jesus, "Jesus! Thank you! Jesus!"

When I awoke, I knew I had been in God's presence but once again I did not remember but Collin did. In fact, he knew this was a holy moment so he wrote it down. "A wind is coming? What do you mean, Lord, and what of the paper?" I enquired of God. Just then He whispered to me that I had been in the strategy session of heaven, and God laid out a scroll on a table and showed me what was coming. Revival fire was here but all fire needs oxygen to grow. God was sending a wind to fan the flames of revival to see the burning ones of the church arise and march into promises they were given. It is not a season to wait; it is the season to advance.

Many other prophetic voices have now mirrored this word and I've tested it before releasing it. I first released it in Orange County on August 28th, then New York and I have seen that wind begin to pick up strength. A hurricane force wind of the spirit is blowing and it will stir up the fire in the burning ones but it will also blow back all those resisting this move. How this wind affects you is up to you. Are you desperate for revival? Are you moving into your call and actively pursuing your assignment?

God will add wind to the wings of those soaring to greater heights of His glory. The fields are ripe. We are seeing miracles and signs and wonders at next levels. Healings happen with ease and prophesy flows like a river whose dams have burst open. Those I train and equip through our e-church discipleship have seen the breath of God's spirit blow through them with words of knowledge and prophetic accuracy they have never experienced. It is my mission to equip the church to be fully tooled to build this revival movement from heaven. It's your turn to see God use you to do miraculous things in this season. The battle plans are set; the wind of God is coming!
Pastor Ren Schuffman is the senior pastor of Freedom Fellowship Church in Mustang, Oklahoma, a suburb of Oklahoma City. He flows in a strong healing and prophetic anointing and is a church planter, musician, international speaker, author and revivalist. Listen to his podcast, DNA of a Dangerous Church, on Charisma Magazine and subscribe. Listen for more equipping at ffc.church/dangerous. Listen to his Sunday message for more about this coming Hebrew year through https://youtu.be/NWWbQZ-GDFU.

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