Clinically Dead Woman Leaves Her Body, Catches Glimpse of Heaven and Hell

When Charlotte Holmes went to her doctor for a routine checkup, she got quite a shock. They told her, "Either you're having another stroke, or you're about to have a heart attack."

Her blood pressure had spiked to 234 over 134. Before long, Charlotte was having an out-of-body experience that turned heavenly.

"They called a code and they come running in. I was above my body. I could see them doing chest compressions. I could see them, all the nurses around. I could smell the most beautiful flowers I've ever smelled. And then I heard music. And when I opened my eyes, I knew where I was. I knew I was in heaven."

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In 2019, Charlotte Holmes was having a routine checkup with her cardiologist when her blood pressure spiked to 234 over 134. "My heart doctor said, 'You're not going home. We're going to put you in the hospital. We've got to get that blood pressure down. It's got to come down. You're in a — you're in a — having another stroke or you're going to have a heart attack.' They put me in a room and started an IV just to, you know, try to get that blood pressure down."

Charlotte's husband, Danny, stayed with her while the hospital staff tended to her. "Immediately, you know, they called this code and they — everybody started rushing in," Danny says. "They just started working on her. And my feeling was, you know, I thought, 'Boy, I'm wondering if I'm even going to be able to bring her home.'"

Charlotte began describing things to Danny. "She started talking about the flowers," says Danny. "Well, I looked around and I knew there was no flowers in that room. That's when I knew she was not in this world when that was going on."

Then Charlotte's heart stopped. For the next 11 minutes, she was clinically dead. "I was above my body. I could see Danny standing in the corner," she says. "He had backed up. I could see them, all the nurses around. And then I opened my eyes. I looked around at the beauty. I could see the trees, I could see the grass. And everything was swaying with the music. Because everything in heaven worships God. I can't convey to you what heaven looked like, cause it's so above what we could even imagine, a million times."

Charlotte says she was led into heaven by angels. "There is no fear. It's like pure joy. When the angels take over, there is no fear. When you are going home, it's pure joy."

She says she then began to recognize deceased family members. "I saw my mom. I saw my dad. I saw my sister. I saw family members standing behind. I saw saints of old. See, they didn't look old. They didn't look sick. None of them wore glasses," Charlotte recalls. "They looked like they were in their 30s. But yet it says in the Scriptures, 'We will be known as we were known.' I know them. There, in their new bodies, they looked wonderful."

What Charlotte saw after that, however, shocked her.

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