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Hank Kunneman

Supernatural Healing for the Broken-Hearted

From fatherlessness and abuse to the embrace of the greatest Father, Hank Kunneman shares his astounding, supernatural testimony as never before. Miracles and incredible Holy Spirit intervention abound!


How to Command Your Angels

The Bible describes angels as great, big warriors that are here to guide, protect and deliver us. Have you been dispatching your angels? Or have they been sitting idle waiting for you to put them to work?


The Majestic Truth of God's Glory

If we want to know God personally, we must experience His glory. But what exactly does that mean? Read more about God's glory from Ché Ahn here.

Genelle Guzman-McMillan

Last 9/11 Survivor Finds Angel in the Rubble

The last person pulled from the rubble on 9/11 has said God has given her a miraculous second chance, which she's used to remind others that life is not promised.

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