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Are you ready to fight the demonic forces that plague this land?

Defeating 5 Giants in the Land

Through a prophetic dream, Dutch Sheets understood one of the keys to taking out five anti-Christ giants in America.

When your heart is heavy, it's best just to love on the Lord.

When Your Heart Is Heavy

Telling you to love on the Lord when your heart is heavy may seem as emotionally out of place as a clown at a funeral. Nevertheless.

Rebecca King

WATCH: An Open-Door Access to Heaven

Founder and CEO of Harvest Time International Ministries, Rebecca King explains a revelation she received of an open portal that connects each believer to heaven.


How to Walk in Ephesians 6:18

If you can do this, you can also walk in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 and several other verses that will radically change your life.

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