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Is Prophetic Evangelism the Answer?

At a time when polls show Christians rarely share their faith with others, a new and innovative form of evangelism is exhibiting promise.

A Nation in Turmoil: How Will We Respond?

As crises escalate, much of the church is oblivious to the sounding alarms. A 'corporate heart awakening' is necessary for America to experience another Great Awakening.

Is the Next Move of God Beginning?

The church is waking up and many are making an 'Appeal to Heaven.' Become a part of the revival many are praying for.

When we pray, to whom shall we pray?

To Whom Should We Pray?

There is constant debate among the religious circles about this question. Communion With God Ministries Founder Mark Virkler offers this answer.

Appeal to Heaven flag

A Heavenly Appeal: Prophetic Leaders Bombard God's Throne

In 1775, George Washington's 'secret navy' flew America's first flag featuring the words 'Appeal to Heaven.' Now, prophetic leaders are making a similar request for divine help in the hope of another Great Awakening.

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