Spirit-Filled Quarterback Shares Prophetic Isaiah 60 Vision Spoken Over Him

7:00AM 6/26/2018

"My poise comes from my faith," Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa told reporters during a post-game interview. "I just pray, asking God, you know, 'Let Your will be done in me and the rest will follow."

Tagovailoa isn't your average athlete grandstanding in the name of the gospel.

He's a Spirit-filled Christian who followed a prophetic vision to the University of Alabama where he led his team to the national title as a freshman.

"As he was receiving authors, Pastor shared a vision," Tua's mother, Diane Tagovailoa, says. "Said, 'I see Tua at Alabama.' I'm like, 'Pastor, Alabama?'"

"Are you kidding me?" Tua's father, Galu, chimed in.

"No one from Hawaii gets recruited by Alabama," Diane says.

But pastor Sai Amosa, Tua's aunt, said she prophesied Isaiah 60 over him, and it came to pass.

Watch the video for the details.

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