Christian Rapper Shares Prophetic Vision: 'The Spirit of Saul Is Hovering Over the Church'

7:00AM 1/1/2019

Canton Jones, a Christian rapper and pastor, says he received a prophetic dream from the Lord for 2019, which he was instructed to share before a recent sermon. In the dream, Jones reportedly heard, "2019 will be the best of times and the worst of times," a time when God's judgment will not necessarily be on all sinners but on those who have heard the message of salvation but did not heed it.

Jones also said he heard God rebuke the body of Christ for pursuing intimacy with Him but leaving Him "like a whore" as soon as they get their spiritual download. He also said the "spirit of Saul is hovering over the church"—referring to jealousy by those in leadership to young or upcoming leaders—and that God will judge those people.

Jones' full six-minute prophetic word can be heard here.

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