Should Pentecostals Fast for Lent?

7:00PM 3/6/2019

Today is Ash Wednesday for many churches. And while some denominations practice Lent, others skip this section of the church calendar. But what's the purpose of fasting something for Lent? Pastor Matt Chandler explains how fasting can be tied into this church season—in anticipation for Easter—in this short, informative video.

Chandler says, "We want to set aside a good gift from God in the gift of food, His provision of that food, the gift of the taste of that food, the joy that comes from that food. And in so doing, [we] say there is a greater pleasure to be known. There's a greater joy to be had. There is a provision available to me as a son or daughter of God that I want to lean into in this season."

Beyond the Lent season, which starts March 6 and ends April 18, over 18,000 Spirit-filled Christians are fasting right now as part of The Send's Jesus Fast initiative.

Do you plan to fast for Lent? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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