Prophet Says He Prophesied an Earthquake 10 Days Before It Happened

12:00PM 5/2/2019

In a recent YouTube video, Global Fire Ministries International's Jeff Jansen says he prophesied a coming earthquake which happened 10 days later. From April 11-14, Jansen—accompanied by James Goll and Wesley and Stacey Campbell—was ministering at The Voice Global Fire Ministries Prophetic Summit in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. On April 14, Jansen says he received a prophetic word based on Ezekiel 37.

"As we were transitioning out of the worship time into the word, Wesley was getting ready to preach, and we got caught up into this swirl of the Holy Ghost and I started prophesying about Ezekiel 37," Jansen says. "Ezekiel 37 [is] about the valley of dry bones and there's a new eagle bird coming and a brand new Ezekiel type company that's arising in the earth and they're going to have the power to raise the dead much like Paul Cain had talked about with the stadium vision. But that this new Ezekiel company was going to have resurrection power."

The video features an audio clip of Jansen's prophecy from the event. He says, "I'm telling you, all of heaven is listening. All of the earth is listening. Listen to me, I see this 37. It's Ezekiel 37, but it's also a revelation: three seven. ... This army is rising today. I prophesy, according to Ezekiel 37, ... 3.7 on the Richter scale. ... 3.7 for resurrection power. ... So Lord shake the earth. We release the word of the Lord, as Paul Cain released the word of the Lord. As Bob Jones released the word of the Lord."

Dyersburg, Tennessee, was the site of a 3.7 magnitude earthquake on Wednesday, April 24. WTOC11 reports the earthquake left "little to no damage" to the community. Dyersburg is roughly 200 miles west of Murfreesboro, where Jansen delivered the prophetic word. Jansen says this earthquake confirms the validity of his prophetic word.

"This is a powerful confirming word that even the earth confirmed by a 3.7 earthquake that happened just days after I gave this prophetic word," Jansen says. "God bless you. Get ready. God is raising up a new breed eagle and you're part of that glory generation."

He says the takeaway from this confirmation is that God is raising up "new eagles" that will be able to raise the dead.

"I believe that God is raising up a brand new eagle ... that carries a new sound and this Ezekiel company will raise the dead," Jansen says. "These new eagles are not just prophesying eagles, but they move in the spirit and power of Elijah for running."

Watch the video to hear the rest of Jansen's prophecy.

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