Have You Been Trapped by a Regional Stronghold?

7:00AM 7/23/2019

Ryan LeStrange says not to be dominated by regional strongholds, which are deceptions created by demonic principalities.

"If you're prophetic, if you're a person that feels and sees and knows and senses, chances are the climate of the territory you live in has tried to at one point or another affect you, but God placed you in that climate to intercede, to pray," LeStrange says. "I want to give you a strategic key that you can overcome the stronghold in your territory. Understand this: strongholds are established by principalities. ... One of its mechanisms is it infiltrates a territory with polluted thinking [and] polluted thought processes and patterns. When we travel to different nations [or] territories, oftentimes we can see the mindset of the ruling spirit that is affecting the people."

For example, LeStrange says, "If you're in a territory with a strong spirit of religion, you feel kind of legalism. You feel boxed in. And if someone comes in and begins to prophesy, they begin to preach prophetically, the spirit of religion will come rise up against them, because it's in the thinking of the people.

"The Bible said, 'As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.' So you've got to pray against that. You've got to war against that. But more importantly, you need to put solid teaching into yourself that begins to arm you against the regional stronghold."

Watch LeStrange's full video here.

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