Joyce Meyer: My 2-Year-Old Great-Grandson Supernaturally Healed His Mother

12:00PM 8/1/2019

Joyce Meyer says her 2-year-old great-grandson, Jeremiah, prayed for healing for his mother's back pain, and she was healed.

"My great grandson who's 2, his mother's back was hurting really bad," Meyer says. "...She was hurting so bad [that] she was laying on the bed crying. And he went up to her. Jeremiah, [who is] 2 years old, put his hand on her; said, 'Jesus, Mommy, ouchie, amen'; and her back quit hurting!"

Meyer used it as an example of the importance of having faith like a child.

"Stop trying to get hold of God with your head," Meyer says. "It's a heart thing. You got to see what's in your heart. As soon as you get into reasoning, you're going to have trouble believing. You need to come like a little child."

Hear Meyer tell the story herself in this video.

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