How to Keep on Waiting, Trusting When the Going Gets Tough

7:00AM 12/11/2019

It may feel like you can't hear God, or everything is going wrong. You may be growing impatient, wondering why you're so discontent and grumbling about how to fix your situation. You're not alone, though, and God has a reason for having you where you are, says author and pastor Heather Lindsey.

"After bleeding maybe nine or 10 months, I went to the Lord; I said, 'God, I'm tired,'" Lindsey says of her struggle with infertility. "I went into a depressive state because then I had two people really close to me die in my family, and I was having all these attacks ... I didn't know I was in the waiting and it was hard because I couldn't see out of it. ... Everybody else is getting blessed ... But God, what about me? ... I cried out to God like Hannah and I said, 'God, I want a child. I'll dedicate him back to you. I declare he'll live for you.' And in that moment I had peace like I've never had before."

Lindsey reminds us that no season we're in is necessarily permanent. It's easy to get stuck in a mindset where we feel like we have to take charge in order to get out of our present uncomfortable situation. But what if God is protecting you from something? Do you trust that He sees the bigger picture?

"We're impatient—we're like, 'You need to just hurry up and land this plane,'" Lindsey says. "'You need to hurry up and bring my husband. ... Hurry up and give me my promotion. Jesus, you just need to hurry up because if you hurry up, then I'll be happy.' ...

"But you don't understand that discontentment is a mindset. There's a heart issue. If you are discontent without it, you'll be discontent with it. The same you is going to show up in every situation of your life, and you think that an answered prayer is gonna solve all your problems. No, God is allowing for you to go through the process of the waiting ... and learn to trust Him in the waiting to develop your character and to prepare you for what He's called you to do."

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