Why It May Be You—Not the Person You're Praying For—Who Needs to Change

7:00PM 12/11/2019

Joyce Meyer says that spiritual growth and change happens "little by little" over time, as we become more sanctified into Christ's image. She also says sometimes we can be blind to our own spiritual weaknesses, using herself as an example.

"While I was praying for [my husband] Dave to change, the thing that I perceived in my spirit loud and clear that God was saying is 'Joyce, Dave is not the problem,'" Meyer says in a recent clip. "And I honestly thought, 'Well, who is? There's only me and him.' ... I was so self-deceived that it never occurred to me it was me. For the next three days, God showed me what it was like to live in the house with me, and I cried for three days. I was so ... repentant for the attitudes I had and the ways I had behaved and the anger I displayed every time I didn't get my way. I'd like to say that I changed at that moment and everything got wonderful, but it took time. Because it happens little by little, from glory to glory."

Watch the full clip here.

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