Pastor: Angels and Demons Are Watching You

7:00AM 1/7/2020

Pastor John Lindell from James River Church in Springfield, Missouri, reminds us there is more beyond what our eyes can see—angels and demons are real, spiritual warfare is a reality, and one day we Christians will rule over the angels. But spiritual warfare isn't just happening when someone is possessed by a demon. It's happening all around us, all the time, via the governance of evil angels (demons).

"[Demons] rule regions, territories, states, provinces," Lindell says. " ... We can virtually go anywhere we want in this world and show evidence of that, how there are certain places where it just defies explanation but there is violence, there is murder, there is mayhem, unusually so."

Anytime you share the gospel, you're fighting against demonic powers, Lindell says, referencing Colossians 2:14-15. He says angels and demons are watching you, and they're cued to take action when you make a move for Jesus.

"This is why the enemy doesn't want you to share the gospel with one person anywhere at anytime: When they come to Christ, what happens? Evil spirits are disarmed," Lindell says.

First Peter 3:19 says Jesus "went and preached to the spirits in prison." Lindell suggests that these spirits are demonic beings who cohabitated with women during the days of Noah.

"[The demons] are kept in chains and He goes down and He says, 'I'm telling you my plan for the world and the redemption of the world is going to happen and you couldn't stop it,'" Lindell says. "... [Jesus] dies on the cross, He doesn't go down and get mistreated in hell—He goes down, has the keys of death, hell and the grave and He says to them, 'You lost. I won. See ya.' He declares His victory to them."

For more preaching on heavenly beings, listen to the entire sermon here.

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