Pastor: Stop Following Astrology, Playing With Ouija Boards

7:00AM 1/24/2020

Some people don't realize how they're fueling the fires in their life. Satan is trying to deceive you with the same tricks over and over, says pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. In Ephesians 6:12, we're told about "principalities and powers." We need to be aware of what exactly those things are. Demonic powers manifest in things like witchcraft and fortunetellers.

"Y'all get impressed by fortunetellers and Ouija boards and crystal ball readers," Jenkins says. "... The devil's got power, and it impresses some of y'all. He just doesn't have all power. He has powers, and he uses those powers to convince and manipulate and control people and make you think certain things and make you believe certain things and make you make certain decisions.

"My assignment is to try to tell you: Don't be impressed by powers. Stop following astrological signs; stop reading horoscopes."

"Principalities" refers to the hierarchy of demons, Jenkins says. You need to be sure you're defeating the upper-level demons so you can get rid of the lower-level ones—do you believe the lies in your head that tell you you're not good enough? Those lies are from lower-level demons, Jenkins says.

For more teaching on spiritual warfare and demons, click here.

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