Pastor Michael Todd: Stop Thinking the Purpose of Fasting Is to Feel Stronger, Better

7:00PM 1/29/2020

Pastor Michael Todd addressed the idea that you're supposed to feel a spiritual high or strength after completing a period of fasting. He says feelings aren't reliable; you shouldn't depend on them to help you discern where you are or where to go.

"During this time of prayer and fasting I've been dealing with my son's autism, and I was just like, 'I thought I was supposed to feel stronger,'" Todd says. "'I thought I was supposed to come off this ready to fight everything, but I feel like I want to rest now.'"

Todd says God told him that just because he doesn't feel stronger, doesn't mean he isn't stronger. He says God revealed that he just has to focus on his knowledge more than his feelings.

"You need to be committed to the resolve and not the results," Todd says. "... The resolve is greater than results. Our generation wants results, and we do not stay committed to what we said. ... God says, 'This will not be a season of feelings; this will be a season of faithfulness.' ... I've watched people bypass all accountability because they feel like this is the good thing to do. My question to you today is, will your feelings keep leading your life, or will you make a decision that 'I am going to be faithful no matter what I feel?'"

To watch the entire sermon for more encouragement on persevering through hard times, click here.

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