Here's What Happens When You Ask God to Break Your Heart

12:00PM 2/26/2020

Have you ever asked God to break your heart? Pastor Craig Groeschel says we normally ask God to keep us safe and help us live a convenient, comfortable life, but asking God to break our hearts won't bring convenience. Quite the opposite.

"What I'm talking about is a gut-wrenching burden that consumes your thoughts, that doesn't just let up, and it doesn't go away," Groeschel says. "It eats at you, gnaws at you, consumes you, until you simply cannot not act. You have to do something, because the pain just burns inside of your heart. Honestly, when you get to this place, the feeling that you have on behalf of God is the opposite of everything that popular culture programs you to want.

"It's the very opposite of the feel-good version of Christianity that says, 'God exists for you. God exists to make your life better, to take away the pain, to fill you with blessings, ease and prosperity.' ... What if God's greatest blessings come from God's greatest breakings?"

To watch the entire sermon about humbling yourself and allowing God to break you for His greater purposes, click here.

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