Why Liberal Politics in California Are Causing Millions to Flee the State

12:00PM 3/13/2020

Millions of people are leaving the state of California, a very liberal state, mainly due to the "sky-high" cost of living, reports a new documentary by PragerU. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, a state notably more conservative in politics than California, emphasized that California is actually restricting the development of new housing units.

"The left spends a lot of time and energy talking about income inequality and ways to fix it, but ironically, California—the great progressive experiment—ranks fourth in the list of states with the highest level of income inequality and second in the nation for the fastest-growing income inequality, according to the Census Bureau's supplemental poverty measure," says PragerU's Will Witt.

Witt says that California actually has the highest poverty rate in the entire country. The rising rate of homelessness leads to more drug addiction, sex offenders, syringes lying in the street and so on. Where are a lot of people migrating from California to? A popular choice is Texas, according to the U.S. Census Bureau's interstate migration data, says Chuck DeVore, vice president of the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

"Texas represents a deeply contrasting political ideology and has followed a very different path," Witt says. "The state's focus on individual liberty and personal responsibility stems from this frontier identity and its decade of self-determination as the republic of Texas. It has voted Republican in every presidential election over the past 36 years. ... The divergent paths that these two states have taken are purely a result of the political choices that they have made."

To watch the entire film, click here.

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