Mental Health Counselor: How Stress Over COVID-19 Can Lead to Depression

7:00PM 4/6/2020

Licensed mental health counselor Ricky Sithole told Pastor T.D. Jakes in an interview that if we're not careful, the increased amounts of stress we're experiencing in our bodies due to COVID-19 may turn into depression.

"We're running into the grocery stores and taking everything, and I do understand that for survival purposes we're trying to do that so that we can protect our family, but it's creating unusual levels of stress," Sithole says. "Regular life already has a lot of stress, and that impacts us, so that's putting us into the chronic level, which I'm afraid is going to lead us into depression.

"If it doesn't stop in about a month or two, it's going to be chronic and have major impacts on our bodies, which might end up manifesting itself in our physical health as well."

One preventive step to take is turning off the news and disconnecting from social media for a time, Sithole says.

"Now that we are all at home and nobody is going to work, and kids are not going to school, it's an opportunity for us to engage in activities together," Sithole says. "It's time to take a walk, slow down life and do the things that I've always wanted to do. It's just shifting the perspective. ... Fun is the greatest prescription that I can ever give somebody. This is why God gives us talents—so we can enjoy them."

To watch the entire video, titled Mental Health & COVID-19, click here.

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