Why it's Crucial to Monitor Motives While in an Argument

7:00AM 4/13/2020

Author and speaker Jackie Hill Perry says when Christians are arguing, they have to monitor whether they're speaking with righteous anger or unrighteous anger. There are various ways to determine that.

"[We're in] this hyper-sensitive culture where we want to police language that we would prefer not to hear," Perry says. "Should people be careful about what they say? Absolutely. So, we should be careful and gentle. ... But I really do believe that when the Scripture talks about in Romans 1 how people will suppress the truth by their own unrighteousness, I think in some ways, this outrage is a kind of suppression.

"''Let me be louder than you, let me be more intellectual than you, let me be so aggressive that it moves you to silence.' I think that's the temptation ... So I have two options: I either speak into the outrage, or I be quiet. And I don't think God would prefer the latter."

To listen to the entire discussion, titled How Should Christians Respond to a Culture of Outrage? click here.

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