Worship Leader Whose Daughter Passed Away Gives Powerful Word of Encouragement

12:00PM 4/17/2020

Bethel worship leader Kalley Heiligenthal, whose 2-year-old daughter passed away in December, spoke a powerful word about walking boldly through the deepest valleys of pain.

"Sometimes my most bold stances of faith have looked like being sad and finding a Shepherd there, ready to hold me," Heiligenthal says. "A comforter who's comfortable with pain, who knows how to lead us through a valley so we don't stop. We're not going to set up a tent; we're not making a home in the valley, but He will walk us through it. Is He good enough to you for you to let Him lead you? Paths of righteousness and valley, all the same. ...

"If disappointment, if failure, if sadness, if grief, if mourning only become an avenue for me to be more connected to a Good Shepherd, to El Shaddai, to a King, to the one who satisfies, well then, we are more than conquerors. Because anything that you throw at us only means connection to the source."

To listen to the entire video titled Walking Through the Land of Disappointment, click here.

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