Why Does God Leave the 99 to Save the One?

12:00PM 6/18/2020

Mike Signorelli, pastor of V1 Church, says God's act of leaving the 99 sheep to save one lost sheep is a message for both the sheep and the wolf hunting them.

"So why does God really leave the 99 to save the one?" Signorelli says in a video posted to Facebook. "I mean, you've all heard it preached that in your own sin and failure, when you ran from God, He chased after you and saved you. And while that's all true, do you also know that a good shepherd has this awareness that there's a wolf prowling around seeking whom he may devour?

"So in leaving the 99 for the one, He's actually retraining the wolf. He's saying, 'Hey, if you get the one, you'll have an appetite and come back for 99 more. But I'm actually saving the one because I'm sending a message that I'm saving all their friends, all their family and everyone connected to them.' I don't know if you've ever thought about it like this, but in saving you, God was actually retraining the wolf and telling the enemy, 'You're not having the rest of them either.'"

Watch the full video here.

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