What Nobody Will Tell You About the Fear in Hell

3:30PM 11/3/2020 Bill Wiese

An aspect of hell few stop to consider is the actual fear.

The Bible tells us fear is an evil spirit. It is not merely an emotion.

During my 23 Minutes in Hell experience, the spirit of fear and terror in hell is was far beyond anything you could possibly imagine. We don't often talk about the sights and smells and senses in hell. How could we? Most have not experienced anything like it.

Most don't consider the intensity of fear in hell will never let up. It will never end. It literally surrounds each person like a thick cloud, penetrating to the depth of their soul. It is completely incomparable to anything I could describe here on earth. There is no hint of God or His love in hell. Facing an eternity without the love of God, and receiving forgiveness for our sins is truly the ultimate fear.

Watch the full teaching from Bill Wiese here.

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