Why It's Imperative for Believers to Follow the 'Real' Jesus

1:30PM 3/31/2021 Bill Wiese

We are seeing something of a reinvented Jesus within our society today.

According to many Christians, if Jesus walked the earth with us now, He would never speak about the doctrine of eternal punishment. They believe He would find it much too offensive. They say He would accept your sins because He loves you and would never make you feel uncomfortable. They believe that He would say a Christian can support pro-choice. They would excuse sexual immorality and say it is acceptable in the name of grace, according to Jesus. Finally, they would tell you that all roads lead to heaven because God is loving, and no one deserves to go to hell.

The only thing true about this reinvented "Jesus" is that his so-called teachings will lead you down a path of lies and straight to hell.

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